As of February we are proud to now be providing services to  Lincoln Technology Solutions, an engineering services firm with a focus on LCD integration and interface assemblies, Infinia ML, a machine learning organization, API, which provides electronic assembly and repair solutions, 410 Medical, a medical device company focused on innovative products for resuscitation of critically ill patients, Kontek Systems, which helps clients integrate audio/video technology,  Scitovatoin, who are pioneers in chemical safety assessment, as well as Tryon Farms, Ribogenics, and Four Oaks  Ventures.

RM Partner, Kim Robinson, is excited to be working with the team at Vadum.  Vadum was founded in 2004 and has built a brand known for practical innovation that delivers solutions to customers in the competitive field of national defense research and development. Vadum is at the forefront of the emerging employment of machine learning in the field of electronic warfare (EW).   Please visit Vadum to learn more.

Rankin McKenzie Partner, Kim Robinson, is excited to be working with Greenscape, a commercial landscaping company based in the Triangle.  They have proudly satisfy the design, build and management of landscape clients with “Outstanding Results Through Great Service” since 1979.

Read more about the Green Team that consists of landscape architects, designers and horticulturists who successfully blend all aspects of the landscape industry into one organization. Their success is a direct correlation to hiring excellent people and offering ongoing training opportunities.

Please read more about their forward thinking organization at Greenscape.

Rankin McKenzie Partner, Mike Florio,  is excited to be working with Jerry’s Artarama, an NC based art supplier.  Jerry Goldstein started 50 years ago with the pledge to bring down the cost of art supplies by discounting them and his sons carry on that commitment to this day.  Jerry’s is dedicated to empowering and serving artists as they offer over 4000 free art lessons and donate a portion of all online proceeds to the Jerry Goldstein Foundation to support scholarships for artists.

Please read more about this family-based, art loving company at Jerry’s Artarama.

Rankin McKenzie Partner, Todd Ackman, is enjoying working with the team at Personify.  Personify has an amazing story and we are so honored to be working with them.

Mike and Suzy Carfley fulfilled a lifelong dream of owning a business together when they purchased of a small, niche traditional search firm, originally founded in 1978, that was deeply entrenched in the IT and Telecommunications industry.  Within 24 hours, that dream would transform into a nightmare – as the attacks of September 11th rocked the nation. A country at war and an economy slipping into recession would nearly force the company into bankruptcy.

As if things weren’t hard enough for this small, boutique firm – its President and CEO, Mike Carfley, was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer – a battle he would lose 18 months from diagnosis.

Amidst all the chaos, his son, Ryan Carfley, was asked to leave a promising career in Division 1 Athletics to join the family business in despair. Despite Ryan’s lack of experience, he was tasked with defining a winning culture and unifying the organization around the belief that better days were on the horizon. They have been among the 5000 Fastest-Growing Private Companies, as named by Inc. in 2015, 2016, and 2017.

We are proud to to call them a client.

Rankin McKenzie Partner, Larry Woolhiser is so pleased to be working with Calla Health, a health technology company centered on sustainably improving women’s access to cancer prevention.  They are creating innovations that increase wide scale surveillance of cervical pre-cancers and cancers.

Cervical cancer is the second leading cause of death for women worldwide; 85% of deaths occur in low and middle-income countries (LMICs), despite the fact that well-established interventions exist for pre-invasive disease.

Many low-resource countries lack the health care infrastructure required for the cytology-based screening and referral colposcopic diagnosis that have dramatically reduced the disease burden in wealthier countries. Calla’s vision is to sustainably improve women’s access to cancer prevention.

Please read more about their mission and technology at Calla Health Foundation.



Rankin McKenzie Partner, Todd Ackman is thrilled to be working with Carpe, the #1 antiperspirant for underarms, hands, feet and more.  Sweating is perfectly natural and a necessary function to cool us down but when people have hyperhidrosis, they can start sweating even when they are not overheating….enter Carpe.  Click here to learn more about this exciting, game-changing product  – Carpe.

Rankin McKenzie Partner, Jeff Sherwood, is excited to be working with SuperCat, an NC based organization that partners with companies to help them eliminate paper sales materials, increase sales, work faster, and reduce expenses. SuperCat creates beautiful, reliable, easy to use software and has superior excellence and integrity. Read more about their fascinating history and the eCat and eCat online solutions – eCat Solutions.


Rankin McKenzie Partner,  Kim Robinson, is excited to be working with Modus.  Modus empowers businesses, government agencies, and law firms of all sizes to optimize their Information Governance and eDiscovery. Using Modus solutions, customers can solve their most pressing legal and business challenges including reduction of risk, privacy, security, archiving, and eDiscovery within their data. We are proud to to call them a client. Please visit the Modus site to learn more.

Rankin McKenzie Partner, Steve Carnevale, is excited to be working with Carimus, a Raleigh based digital agency. They started building the skills internally to bring their own products to market by combining creative, software development and strategy within a single organization.  Carimus has re-imagined the service delivery model, recognizing how critical it was to have these components on the same team.

Carimus has proven that the client project is their passion and not the size or industry of their clients as they serve everyone from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.

Please read more about their forward thinking organization at Carimus.