Testimonials for:

Anna Hunter

Working with Anna as our fractional CFO has been awesome. Joining our team in 2020 during a challenging transition, Anna came in and did wonders to tidy up our accounting department. She’s not just a financial whiz but also a great support for our sales team, helping with forecasts and projections. Every chat with Anna is delightful – she’s clear, strategic, encouraging, and wonderfully kind. Plus, she does a bunch of behind-the-scenes stuff that keeps our day-to-day running smoothly. Anna’s a crucial part of our team, and we couldn’t do what we do without her!

Kirsten Sharpe
Global Accounts Director

The rAVe Agency

Upon starting our search, we had doubts about our ability to retain a highly competent finance person within our budgetary constraints who could handle maintaining our finances while also strategizing for the future. This made a fractional CFO like Anna a great fit. After interviewing Anna, we felt very comfortable that she had the right skills and temperament for the role. 

Anna is an experienced professional who has provided financial expertise and guidance to our company, while enabling us to get the right systems and processes in place to manage the daily requirements for finance and for reporting to investors. Anna has also done an excellent job of training people who are not finance professionals to handle the “everyday” work, which has greatly improved our efficiency as a company and enabled us to leverage Anna for higher-order needs. 

Most importantly, Anna has become a trusted advisor for the company – especially when managing complex decisions or new frontiers that the company has no experience with. When making these decisions, you can tell Anna really cares about the company and does everything in her power to fight for its success – which is critical in an early-stage business. 

I am not sure how we would have managed our finance function over the past few years without Anna, especially reporting, tax, and audit. Furthermore, Anna has had a lasting impact on several of our employees through mentorship and education. We are very grateful for her service to the company. 

Rob Delaney

Infinia ML

Our experience has been amazing with Anna.  As a small, but growing, tech startup, using a fractional resource from Rankin McKenzie was a perfect fit for our size company.  After hearing Anna’s heart and past experience, I didn’t hesitate to hire her.  She truly listens, advises, and delivers on-time, quality work.  As a female leader, I personally appreciate working with another female advisor that treats me as equal and does not talk down to me.  Anna was able to help us “grow up” with our financial reporting, including switching over to GAAP reporting and assisting with the budgeting and planning processes.  With Anna’s help, our company is positioned for continued and sustained growth.

Melissa Phillippi
CEO & Co-Founder