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Denise Huska

The short answer is that our part-time Controller, Denise Huska, was the best “consultant” I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. First and foremost, she’s extremely smart. A person doesn’t need to work with her very long to realize that. Her consistently positive attitude is contagious. It didn’t matter if things were going well or if we were struggling a bit, she always radiated the feeling that everything will be just fine. We always felt that we were, to borrow a phrase, “in good hands”. And we always were. Our RM Controller fit in extremely well with our staff. She is instantly likable and always did her best to minimize interruptions to employees’ time. She’s very organized and always came to meetings well-prepared. Working with her always felt more like a personal, friend-to-friend type of relationship than simply a business one. To summarize, her top-notch business and interpersonal skills are second to none, and I’ve learned a great deal from her on both fronts. She does excellent work and is truly a pleasure to work with. Paragon is in a much sounder financial position now as a direct result of her efforts.

Gary Kirk
Former CEO

Paragon Application Systems