Testimonials for:

Jonathan Kennedy

As a fast-growing professional service firm, we were transitioning a very experienced controller into the CFO role. We needed someone who could bridge the gap as we sought a new controller and also serve as a mentor to our new CFO. Jon Kennedy was a perfect match. He collaborated with us on an appropriate scope of work to meet our goals and successfully assisted us through this transition period. Jon was a true partner and made a positive difference for our organization.

Jim Canfield


We have found a valuable asset to add to our team, Jon Kennedy. Like many businesses, our financial situation is unique to our business. He jumped right in to learn how our business operates to get a full understanding of our current financial picture and future financial needs. Jon has assisted with cash flow forecasting to ease the challenges that come with a seasonal business. He’s been instrumental in assisting with new software integration and restructuring our chart of accounts to easily pull financial data. Gaining access to this data is a game changer for our business.  Jon is personable, genuine, honest, and works hard to make himself available to us. I’ve learned so much from him in the short time that he’s been working with us.  I’m excited to continue working with him to better the business.

Dustin Keipper
Director of Operations

Mary Mack's, Inc

Jon brought expertise to us on Day 1 and started immediately digging into the details. He helped us establish better accounting practices in a scalable way that supports our growth goals. Most importantly for us has been his flexibility with scheduling to work around our needs.

Michael Druga
President & CEO