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Justin Alexander

We had zero doubt when we met with Justin the first time that he was the right person to help out, but what we didn’t know was just how big of an impact he was going to have.

Justin has been a huge help in getting a big mess fixed. When Justin got here, we thought we were pretty good on our accounting side and just needed him to help prepare for a SBA loan. However, after a few days of him being here, we realized there was so much that we had not done: organizing our sales, fixing pay plans, correcting taxes, and helping us for growth. Saying that Justin just came in here to help with accounting would be an understatement. After guidance from Justin on the structure of the company, I feel extremely confident knowing that moving forward we are much more prepared for growth and how to retain more of the income.

He’s always there even when he’s not at the office to help with a question or a problem; he’s gone way above and beyond what we expected. We really feel like he’s part of the company and not just some accounting nerd who comes in to crunch numbers. I would highly recommend Justin.

Ryan Fuller

Direct Marketing Group