Testimonials for:

Kathryn Morris

Kathy Morris has worked with HexaTech for the past 13 years as a fractional CFO.  Even though she worked part time over the years, she has always been a critical member of our management team, and a key contributor to HexaTech’s success. Kathy is dependable, responsive, extremely knowledgeable in all facets of accounting and finance, and most of all has been a pleasure to work with. When we were acquired by Stanley Electric in 2020, Kathy was our point person for all of the due diligence that was required.  I can honestly say that without Kathy, this acquisition probably would not have happened.  When we were asked by Stanley to hire a full time Accounting Manager, Kathy led the search, identified a great candidate which we hired, and then trained that individual to ensure a seamless transition.  I would strongly recommend Kathy to any company looking for a part time CFO.  Thank you to Rankin McKenzie for supporting HexaTech from its inception through its acquisition. Your support for the past 16 years has been critical to our success!

John T. Goehrke

HexaTech, Inc.

Kathy began serving as Biospatial’s fractional CFO during our first year in business in 2017. After working with Kathy for 5+ years now, I believe the decision to contract Kathy was one of the best decisions we have made since founding. The success of a business hinges on successful execution in all parts of the business. Kathy has successfully managed all of our activities related to AR/AP, accounting, taxes, employee benefits, banking, and cash management, including helping us to navigate periods where cash was lean. Kathy is always responsive, thorough, and efficient. She is easy to work with and enjoys to have fun and laugh. It would be tough to find a fractional CFO who delivers a higher value than Kathy continues to deliver for Biospatial.

Jonathan Woodworth

Biospatial, Inc.