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Lynne Hicks

All of us at Meryx liked working with Lynne. When I decided to retire, Lynne took over my position and did it seamlessly. After Meryx was purchased, Lynne was instrumental in helping do all the necessary accounting work for the merger and also continued on to make sure the new company had everything at their fingertips for a smooth transition. The things I like the most about Lynne is that she is very easy to work with and most importantly is very good at what she does professionally as a CPA. Lynne was a delight to work with. I would hire her again in a flash.

Claudia Black

Meryx, Inc.

Raleigh Skyline

A valuable asset to Fast Lane is how you would describe our former part-time Controller, Lynne Hicks. Having assisted our accounting department in all aspects of our accounting procedures for over six years, she was always dependable, knowledgeable, and accessible. Fast Lane’s continuous growth and addition of new revenue opportunities in multiple countries equates to the need of a controller who can be available to answer questions at any time throughout the work week as well as coming into our office unexpectedly when problems arise. She was someone we could depend on to guide us in our following of GAAP. Our RM Controller paid great attention to detail, focusing on all issues, whether large or small. The commitment to excellent service to Fast Lane is greatly appreciated and an important component of our company’s success.

Patty Gause
Former Accounting Manager

Fast Lane Consulting and Education Services

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