Testimonials for:

Mike Rowe

Eagles Enterprises has had the pleasure of working with Mike Rowe as our fractional CFO since May 2019.  Eagles is so grateful for this relationship – now and in the past. His guidance has benefited Eagles tremendously.

Mike has helped us to refinance our our business for growth twice with two different banks. He has helped us to build process, reporting, a better understanding and mechanics of the business, and added valued personnel to the accounting side of the business.  Mike being the professional that he is, you would expect this, but he cares and it shows.  His personal touches are very much appreciated and have helped the owners to grow along with the business.

Dilip Gandhi

Eagles Enterprises, LLC

Mike Rowe has been a rock during this global pandemic. Whether it was building multiple versions of budgets or finding us a banking partner to acquire a PPP loan and low-interest loans, he always stayed focused and managed his task load. His insights and budgeting led us through the hardest six months of our nine year history. Mike and the entire team at Rankin McKenzie have an incredible company filled with dedicated professionals.

Sam Ratto
Co-Founder, Chocolate Maker

Videri Chocolate Factory

What a tremendous asset Mike Rowe has been to our firm. Our consulting engineering firm is over 46 years old but had never had a true financial professional on staff and so the fractional CFO fit our needs perfectly. Mike spent a great deal of time and effort in the beginning to understand every aspect of our business, not just the financial data. His goal was clearly to make sure his input was customized to our firm. With this background, he helped us create metrics and KPIs to understand both what our current financial health was and what trends in the data showed us about the future. This is information we never had before, and it has helped us reinforce our culture of personal responsibility and accountability. With his help and guidance, we have been able to grow our firm’s revenue by more than 35% over the last two years with significant increases in profitability, and we have increased our staff by 20%, all during a global pandemic! We now exceed the top performers in our industry in almost every measurable financial metric.

Dave Mykins
P.E., President

Lynch Mykins Structural Engineers, PC

Scott Farms had the pleasure of working with Mike Rowe as our CFO for over four years. Mike helped us with the restructuring of our finances and improved our cash. He helped us develop tools for reporting for our company financials, KPIs and cash flow which helped us to not just be in the best compliance possible but also helped us understand what happened and what was in front of us clearly. Mainly, Mike cared about us in a personal and professional manner and mentored and challenged us to be even better. This relationship not only worked wonderfully but we have become close professional friends.

Kim Scott
Office Manager

Scott Farms, Inc.