Testimonials for:

Todd Ackman

The entire population of Personify and I have sincerely enjoyed working with Todd Ackman.  He has been instrumental in transforming our Finance Department to not only control costs but to also add strategic capability for better decision-making at the C-Suite level.  His professionalism, knowledge, experience, and vast connections have proven invaluable, and what we thought would be a position to help us for a few months has turned into a lifelong partnership. The entire organization enjoys working with Todd, and our CEO referred to the Finance Department as the “coolest Finance Team” he’s ever encountered.  Not only is Todd strategic and knowledgeable, but he is fun, down to earth, and engaging as he navigates his work with professionalism. We couldn’t have made a better decision than hiring Todd as our fractional CFO.
Elaine Carfley
Head of Operations and Business Intelligence


I have great appreciation, admiration, and gratitude for the excellent work that my RM Partner, Todd Ackman did for our company as our fractional CFO. We had some changes in Q3 and therefore had some complex financial operations that needed to be handled. Todd calmly prioritized critical tasks and through this succeeded in ensuring that there were zero interruptions to our business despite having no prior knowledge of our finances or operations and despite the fact that these had never been rigorously documented. Throughout his time working with us, Todd has been calm, professional, and above all, exceedingly competent. I was very quickly able to trust him to handle complex and business-critical matters during this period for our company.

Kasper Kubica
Co-Founder & COO