Testimonials for:

Tom Mense

We have had an outstanding experience working with Tom Mense and Rankin McKenzie.  One of the things that I was most impressed with in working with Tom is his ability to help in a variety of ways.  From executive level consultation, to implementing accounting processes, to actual “in the books” controller duties – Tom can do it all.  He works well with every personality and exudes a high level of emotional intelligence.  He is very flexible with his schedule and works hard to accommodate schedules for everyone on the team.  Tom also delivers feedback in a way that is professional and supportive.  He does a great job of identifying areas of improvement and is fully engaged in creating solutions and implementing positive changes.  Above all, Tom worked diligently to make sure we were in great hands before his consultation period was completed.  Not only did he assist with the hiring process of team members within our financial dept., but he also went above and beyond to make sure those individuals received great training and support.  I highly recommend Tom’s services and am very grateful that we had the opportunity to learn from him.

Jon Daly
Chief Financial Officer

LeoTerra Development Inc.

Tom is an amazing CFO who is very consistent, honest, and gives wise counsel.  He has taken on some of the toughest challenges in our businesses and has seen them through to success. Tom was critical to the success of Intelligent Access Systems and a valued member of the senior leadership team.  The company was named on the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest growing US companies for four straight years and won many other awards before it was sold in 2014.  Tom’s contributions to the success of that company were priceless.

Ron Oetjen
Former CEO

Intelligent Access Systems


Tom’s expertise and thoughtful approach was key to driving our growth and professionalizing our organization. He helped us think about our business in ways we hadn’t previously and unlocked areas of investment we hadn’t contemplated. Further, Tom’s caring and professional approach has enabled us to navigate difficult choices with confidence and clarity. During our 5+ years of working with Tom, he has not only been a great advisor and CFO but has also grown into a professional friend as well.

Kurt von Koch