Rankin McKenzie Partners

At Rankin McKenzie our people have exceptional expertise in providing cost-effective CFO and Controller Consulting Services. All backed-up by our broad network of resources – from auditors and lawyers to benefits providers. Our people are known for their quick and seamless take-up of roles with minimal disruption.

Unlike typical staffing companies, Rankin McKenzie does not recruit unemployed or inconsistently available people. You only get fully engaged, highly skilled, and accomplished professionals.

One of the Southeast’s largest and most trusted outsourced executive management firms

Executive management personnel from Rankin McKenzie are dedicated to your success and can be trusted to deliver everything an in-house executive employee would. We understand the importance of your financial integrity to remain transparent and credible to investors, board members, and auditors.

Reliable and with impeccable ethics, all our people appreciate and fully value your time, money and trust. We have built our reputation on consistently guiding our clients to success. Your success is our business goal too.