Remote Services

“Remote” vs. “Virtual”: Why We Choose “Remote”At Rankin McKenzie, we prefer the term “remote” over “virtual” when describing our fractional CFO services. Here’s why:Clarity and Precision: “Remote” accurately reflects our ability to work with clients across the country, regardless of their location. It emphasizes our commitment to providing real-world financial solutions and expertise, even when our CFOs aren’t physically present in your office.Focus on Human Connection: While “virtual” can imply a level of automation or artificial intelligence, “remote” maintains the importance of our human-centered approach. We believe in fostering genuine relationships between our fractional CFOs and clients, ensuring that the communication and collaboration are both personal and meaningful.Emphasis on Flexibility: The term “remote” highlights the flexibility of our services, allowing us to adapt to your business needs and schedule. Whether you require short-term financial consulting or long-term strategic planning, our remote fractional CFOs can accommodate your unique requirements and timelines.Common Usage: By using the term “remote,” we align with the more common term used when considering remote full-time W2 employees, giving us the opportunity to propose fractional services instead.