Recognized capital fundraising expertise

Rankin McKenzie is recognized nationwide by venture capitalists, angels, and investors for providing strong financial leadership. We share your goals – achieving milestones to increase funding and provide best value to your stakeholders.

A part-time CFO from Rankin McKenzie on your management team ensures you have this expertise as part of your management team. And that is the advantage over traditional investment banking services. We provide the same services, but our part-time CFO works with your team to deliver exceptional results:

  • Matching your company needs to available capital markets
  • Determining the right amount/ sources of funding to prevent dilution
  • Identifying and pursuing the most viable sources of funding
  • Focusing on achievable business milestones to prepare for ever-increasing business valuations
  • Ensuring milestones are met to avoid a down round of financing
  • Preparing your company for a sale or acquisition
  • Increasing or revamping existing finance

Rankin McKenzie Capital And Equity Fundraising Services Ensure You Have The Experience And Expertise On Hand To Attract The Right Investments.

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