Part-time CFO

Part-time CFOs

How do you know if a part-time CFO is right for you? Perhaps your company is experiencing exciting growth or facing specific challenges –be that an important project or unfamiliar financial terrain. Whether in support of your current CFO or when a full-time CFO doesn’t make financial sense… as-needed financial leadership and entrepreneurial experience from Rankin McKenzie will help your company unlock its full potential.

Interim CFOs

Your CFO plays a crucial role in ensuring the future financial success of your company. As such, your management team cannot afford to miss a beat if it is currently missing its CFO. An interim CFO from Rankin McKenzie is what you need for reliable financial leadership until your CFO returns or as you search for a replacement.

Equally, if your company is facing a financial crisis, a seasoned interim CFO provides the necessary financial and entrepreneurial talent to get you back on track.

How your part-time or interim CFO can help your business

Short-term projects or long-term engagements, the typical duties of a CFO include, but are not limited to:

  • Targeting and accessing the best funding resources
  • Valuable advice on capital fundraising negotiations
  • Negotiating financing terms and conditions
  • Analyzing and increasing cash-flow
  • Managing capital structure by optimizing debt, equity, and internal financing ratios
  • Identifying opportunities for expansion and projecting future development
  • Establishing achievable and meaningful milestones with budgets and forecasting
  • Providing precise historical financial information to your management team with strategic support to take full advantage in achieving business plans.
  • Developing and documenting internal controls to protect your company and meet external audit requirements.

See what a Rankin McKenzie Part-time CFO will do for your business.

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