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Redbud Labs
Children's Flight of Hope
US Falcon
Axial Exchange
Windsor Circle
McKim & Creed
Overture Networks
NC Community Foundation
“Alex has been a great resource and a pleasure to work with. She was diligent and meticulous. INDA benefited from a resource that provided regular backup to our existing staff as well as lead business processes and IT improvements in the finance area. Her level of effort was so appreciated, and I truly hope I have the opportunity to work with Alex in the future.”
Anthony (Tony) Fragnito, CPA, Chief Operating Officer
“Kathy Morris has served us as a fractional CFO for 5+ years. She is extremely competent, thorough, responsive, and easy to work with.”
Jonathan Woodworth, CEO
Biospatial, Inc.
Scott Farms has had the pleasure of working with Mike Rowe of Rankin McKenzie as our CFO for over four years. Mike has helped us with the restructuring of our finances and improved our cash. He has helped us develop tools for reporting for our company financials, KPIs and cash flow which help us to not just be in the best compliance possible but also help us understand what happened and what is in front of us clearly. Mainly, Mike has cared about us in a personal and professional manner and mentored and challenged us to be even better. This relationship has not only worked wonderfully but we have become close professional friends.
Kim Scott, Office Manager
Scott Farms, Inc.
Our company has been experiencing many changes and our RM Partner, Steve Weiner has helped us navigate these waters with grace. His flexibility and availability has been invaluable and we always feel like a priority. It has been exciting working on the Cycle Labs launch with him and we are looking forward to continuing our work with Steve post-launch.
Josh Owen, Co-founder & CEO
Tryon Solutions and Cycle Automation
I have really appreciated the expertise and professionalism Kathy Huff brings as we operate the Company, especially under the many challenges we have faced in the last year.  Her tutelage of our administrative lead has also provided that resource with the professional development opportunities she deserves.

In addition to all this,  I was so impressed with the awesome effort Kathy put in on our behalf regarding PPP, we truly could not have done this without her. Kathy is a valued member of our team and I’m looking forward to a better 2021 for the Company.
Gary M. Pace, Ph.D., J.D., CEO
Cell Microsystems, Inc.
What drew us to Rankin and McKenzie was the ability to onboard talent like Phil Sandy in a fractional model. As a small business owner, it is always challenging to time and deploy capital effectively for new hires, particularly those in overhead positions. The fractional model allowed us to interview and select a CFO well-versed in our industry, challenges, and financial model and ultimately swing way above our weight class.

When we chose Phil, we knew he would step in and drive improvements and process changes in our back office and finance department. What we didn’t expect was his ability to drive transformational changes across the entire business, even when outside the natural purview of a CFO. His impact has been immense and we know there is still untapped potential in the relationship that we intend to explore in the coming years.
Jason R. Ziegler, President/CEO
MacGregor Partners, LLC
Langdon & Company LLP has had the opportunity and pleasure of working with Alex Duhon on several mutual not-for-profit clients. Alex is diligent, hard-working and conscientious about her work product and about her commitment to the client. She always has the client’s best interest in mind. We have enjoyed getting to know Alex and always look forward to working with her.
Karen Stanley, CPA, Partner
Langdon & Company LLP
What a tremendous asset Mike Rowe has been to our firm.  Our consulting engineering firm is 46 years old but had never had a true financial professional on staff and so the fractional CFO fit our needs perfectly. Mike spent a great deal of time and effort in the beginning to understand every aspect of our business, not just the financial data.  His goal was clearly to make sure his input was customized to our firm.  With this background he helped us create metrics and KPI’s to understand both what our current financial health was and what trends in the data showed us about the future.  This is information we never had before, and it has helped us reinforce our culture of personal responsibility and accountability. With his help and guidance, we have been able to grow our firm’s revenue by more than 35% over the last two years with significant increases in profitability.  And we have increased our staff by 20%; all during a global pandemic.  We now exceed the top performers in our industry in almost every measurable financial metric.
Dave Mykins, P.E., President
Lynch Mykins Structural Engineers, PC
Mike Rowe has been a rock during this global pandemic. Whether it was building multiple versions of budgets or finding us a banking partner to acquire a PPP loan and low interest loans, he always stayed focused and managed his task load. His insights and budgeting lead us through the hardest six months of our nine year history. Mike and the entire team at Rankin McKenzie have an incredible company, filled with dedicated professionals.
Sam Ratto, Co-Founder, Chocolate Maker
Videri Chocolate Factory
I have great appreciation, admiration, and gratitude for the excellent work that my RM Partner, Todd Ackman did for our company as our fractional CFO.  We had some changes in Q3 and therefore had some complex financial operations that needed to be handled. Todd calmly prioritized critical tasks and through this succeeded in ensuring that there were zero interruptions to our business despite having no prior knowledge of our finances or operations, and despite the fact that these had never been rigorously documented.  Throughout his time working with us, Todd has been calm, professional, and above all, exceedingly competent – I was very quickly able to trust him to handle complex and business-critical matters during this period for our company.
Kasper Kubica, Co-Founder & COO
Steve Carnevale is our CFO from Rankin McKenzie but we don’t think of him as a consultant. He is an integral part of our team and has quickly become a most trusted advisor to me and our leadership. He immediately learned our business, understood and dramatically improved our internal systems and processes and guided us through a number of complex financing situations. From day one, he has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to our success with the highest integrity. I could not ask for a better CFO partner in my first six months at Zaloni.
Susan Cook, CEO
Since our first meeting with Beth, to the day Mike Rowe started working in our business,Videri Chocolate Factory, we have been consistently impressed. Mike started with everything, found the path to success within two meetings and is now working hard to ensure we are successful implementing this plan. We will become a better business with the guidance and dedication of Rankin McKenzie.
Sam Ratto, Co-Founder - Chocolate Maker
Videri Chocolate Factory
We were very pleased with our part-time Controller.  She is an excellent fit for Granville Pallet Company. I truly appreciate you working with us to to meet our need.
Angela Watkins, Co-Owner
Granville Pallet Company, Inc.
Hire what you aren't proficient in! Excited to have CFO Richard McGivney join our United Drug Supply Inc. team!
Samantha Godfrey, CEO
United Drug Supply, Inc.
Kate Owenby joined our team as a part-time CFO in early 2015. Kate is a rare find among executive consultants for several reasons:

1) She has an extraordinary amount of expertise both in macro/long-term financial planning/strategy and in day-to-day operations; and she's willing to actually do the work to implement her expertise. Unlike most consultants, she'll tell us what we can be doing better, teach us to do it, AND do the work herself when that makes the most sense.

2) Kate joined our team and immediately cut back the hours allotted to her role. She was able to complete more work in less time, and has always been extremely conservative about how much time she bills us for. As a result, she has our full trust. When she tells us we need to add more CFO time, we know it's a considered decision, and in the best interest of the company. Beyond her expertise and reliability, Kate is a pleasure to work with. She's smart, funny, and most importantly, tough. She will get you your desired results in less time and for a lower cost than you could possibly imagine. If we have our way, Kate will remain a member of CPMH and our executive team for many years to come. We can't recommend her highly enough.
Abigail Sheriff, Executive Vice President
Carolina Partners in Mental HealthCare, PLLC
Though we're not ready to hire a full-time CFO, we sure are glad to have the assistance of Alex Duhon every week. Alex serves as CFOH's part-time controller, keeping the numbers in line so we can continue to fly kids. We love having her as part of our crew!
Staci Barfield, Executive Director
Children’s Flight of Hope
Robert McKenzie, our Rankin McKenzie part-time CFO, has become an essential member of our management team.  Not only was he able to learn our industry quickly, he made improvements across multiple departments, increased efficiencies and help us expand and grow to new heights.  Our RM CFO was a true leader in our company, Majestic Marble and Glass, for six years.
Danny Cox, President
Majestic Marble and Glass Co.
Carolina partners so appreciated and benefited the work done by Kate Owenby, our part-time CFO. She was a quick study, took her status as a member of our Executive Team very seriously,  was always available when needed, and never complained.  Most importantly, though, in no small measure because of her expertise and diligence, we were able to meet the financial and operational goals we had set for ourselves when we asked Rankin McKenzie for guidance.   I would recommend Rankin McKenzie’s services to any business or management team in America!
Stan Monroe, Executive Director
Carolina Partners in Mental HealthCare
Our Rankin McKenzie Controller, Jaye McDermott,  has gone above and beyond in this assignment.  She inherited a challenging accounting department with some infrastructure and staff issues and proceeded to jump right into a due diligence process.  She deserves tremendous credit for stabilizing and positioning the company for acquisition and now for further success.
David Bass, Chief Financial Officer
Power Analytics Corporation
I wanted to let you know how much we appreciate having Rankin McKenzie’s assistance during the past few months at Overture.  Our part-time CFO was able to ensure the department continued to run smoothly during some transition while employees were effectively trained in their new roles.  He also helped us complete several important projects during this period including: A line of credit renewal A quarterly close and several monthly closes Budget projections Board of Directors meeting preparation Tax filings He was easy to work with, had the necessary technical expertise and was able to help complete several important projects.  We were very satisfied with Rankin McKenzie and our interim CFO’s performance.
Mike Aquino, President and CEO
I originally hired my RM Controller to help transition the company from a family run business to a corporate entity and for an eventual exit or recapitalization. He led several initiatives related to establishing new accounting procedures and changing accounting methods. He also supported me executing on the big-picture strategy and changes that were company-wide. My part-time Controller was a member of my executive team and I found him to be trusted and reliable adviser to me in both tactical and strategic operations.
Kyle Breischaft, former President & CEO
Emergency Technologies, Inc.
A valuable asset to Fast Lane’ is how you would describe our part-time Controller, Lynne Hicks. Assisting our accounting department in all aspects of our accounting procedures for the last six years, she is always dependable, knowledgeable, and accessible. Fast Lane’s continuous growth and addition of new revenue opportunities in multiple countries equates to the need of a controller who can be available to answer questions at any time throughout the work week as well as coming into our office unexpectedly when problems arise. She is someone we can depend on to guide us in our following of GAAP. Our RM Controller pays great attention to detail, focusing on all issues, whether large or small. The commitment to excellent service to Fast Lane is greatly appreciated and an important component of our company’s success.
Patty Gause, Accounting Manager Inc.
Fast Lane Consulting and Education Services
Our controller has been instrumental in setting up our company. She has been key in setting up and managing accounting procedures and has provided substantial help with regards to managing federal contracts and the resulting compliance issues. Her work is timely and precise and she has always been very responsive whenever I've had questions and concerns, both large and small.
Thomas Mølhave, CEO
Rankin McKenzie served as our Controller since we closed our first funding. Our part-time Controller handles our G&A functions, including financial management, financial preparation for our tax accountant , insurance and benefits, such that I can focus on Sarda’s customers, products and technology. She’s very efficient and a pleasure to work with.
Bob Conner, CEO
Sarda Technologies, Inc.
Our current Anfield part-time Controller, Kim Robinson, worked for Kudos Information Inc, from 2002 to 2005, first of all as an external consultant and then as a full time employee. Her role was effectively to function as our CFO. She provided all our accounting and financial needs including the creation of the monthly management accounts. She was a great person to have in the company, very much part of the team. She is a very detailed and accurate accountant and at the same time a very positive person. If ever the opportunity arose, I would have no hesitation in employing her again.
Ken Moore, CEO
Anfield Inc.
The short answer is that our part-time Controller, Denise Huska, is the best "consultant" I've ever had the pleasure to work with. First and foremost, she's extremely smart. A person doesn't need to work with her very long to realize that. Her consistently positive attitude is contagious. It didn't matter if things are going well or if we're struggling a bit, she always radiates the feeling that everything will be just fine. We always feel that we are, to borrow a phrase, "in good hands". And we always are. Our RM Controller fit in extremely well with our staff. She is instantly likable and always does her best to minimize interruptions to employees' time. She's very organized and always comes to meetings well-prepared. Working with her always feels more like a personal, friend-to-friend type of relationship than simply a business. To summarize, her top-notch business and interpersonal skills are second to none and I've learned a great deal from her on both fronts. She does excellent work and is truly a pleasure to work with. Paragon is in a much sounder financial position now as a direct result of her efforts.” Gary Kirk, Former CEO Paragon Application Systems
Gary Kirk, Former CEO
Paragon Application Systems
Rankin McKenzie matched our growing company, US Falcon,  with a Controller who was right for us....
Pete von Jess, CEO
USfalcon Inc.
NCEPS completed a state employment audit and passed with flying colors thanks to Jaye McDermott, our Rankin McKenzie part-time Controller. In fact, the auditors visit was very short as she was so impressed with our books and records. We have been very pleased with our RM resource and feel like she is an integral part of our team. We have enjoyed your support and look forward to a continued strong relationship
Stephen Mangano, COO
North Carolina Elderly Psychiatric Services, PLLC
By engaging Rankin McKenzie, we have gained a dedicated executive who knows and is passionate about our business. As a result of Robert's performance, he has become a critical member of our management team and the company. Rankin McKenzie has been a long-term member of our executive team and proven to be essential in helping our business develop and grow.
Catherine C. Stokes, MS-President and CEO
Drug Safety Alliance, Inc.
It’s been a few months since Rankin McKenzie’s time with SFLA ended and I wanted to share with you how extremely satisfied we were with your controller, Kim,  and her work. She settled in quickly and accomplished a great deal. The added bonus was that she quickly assimilated into our team and everyone enjoyed her presence. We were very pleased with the arrangement and will call your firm again should the need arise.
Mike Wawrzyniak, Director of Operations & Marketing
SFL+a Architects