We welcome our newest clients!

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We at Rankin McKenzie are proud to now be providing services for the following companies:

  • SciOme an innovative research and technology consulting company providing state of the art informatics solutions for the life sciences industry.
  • Huma.AI– Huma AI is a self-service business intelligence platform built for the healthcare industry – just ask questions of your data and instantly get answers.
  • Mary Macksthe leading manufacturer of shaved ice and snow cone syrup.
  • Fastbridge Fiber– a company offering equal access to the fastest most reliable fiber internet regardless of what community you live in
  • Unite Advisorsoffers coaching to business owners and their leadership teams to clarify and achieve their vision

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Celebrating our Newest Clients

We at Rankin McKenzie are proud and excited to have recently added the following local companies to our diverse clientele: Casey Creative– a creative company

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Welcome New Clients!

We at Rankin McKenzie are now proudly serving the following local and esteemed companies:  Raleigh Neurosurgical Clinic, Inc. – The most experienced neurosurgical team in

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