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Why 600+ Private Companies Have Chosen Rankin McKenzie

  • 30+ Partners, each with 15+ years of diverse experience
  • Rapid ramp up for faster time to value
  • Cost-effective alternative to FT hire
  • Flexible durations and in-person/remote availability
  • Quick access to experts at critical moments
  • Friendly, personable finance experts

Our Partners: The Rankin McKenzie Difference

Each year, Rankin McKenzie welcomes only a few select Partners.

We don’t rush our process because our clients’ success requires the best fractional CFOs, each with at least 15 years of relevant experience.

We don’t just look for financial geniuses; we select for personality and leadership skills, ensuring you look forward to collaborating with friendly, personable Partners.

It all adds up to satisfied clients and healthy private company finances.

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No Matter Your Financial Trajectory, We Can Help.

With a Rankin McKenzie fractional CFO, you gain access to experts who have successfully led private companies like yours through:
  • Financial Leadership / Advice
  • Strategic Financial Planning
  • Cashflow Optimizations
  • Admin Team Leadership
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Reorganizations
  • CFO Turnover
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Exits

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Financial Expertise When You Need It

Gain high-level financial leadership from seasoned CFOs whose experience empowers them to lead your:

  • Strategic Analysis & Planning
  • Investment & Capital Structure
  • Stakeholder Communication
  • Leadership & Decision-Making

Backfill a CFO vacancy or bring on a cost-effective interim expert with one of our trusted CFO Partners.

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Our Clients Trust Us to Bring Results

Rankin McKenzie has served over 600 clients

Success Stories from Satisfied Clients

As a fast-growing professional service firm, we were transitioning a very experienced controller into the CFO role. We needed someone who could bridge the gap as we sought a new controller and also serve as a mentor to our new CFO. Jon Kennedy was a perfect match. He collaborated with us on an appropriate scope of work to meet our goals and successfully assisted us through this transition period. Jon was a true partner and made a positive difference for our organization.

Jim Canfield, President



Lisa has really helped get our business over the bump. Her experience in owning and operating a small business has been exceptionally valuable to our expansion. She has an excellent ability to understand the needs of the business owner and the direction they want to take their business. She is wonderful while training other employees and helping guide them during the learning process. She has made my life so much easier and can somehow even know what I am going to need before I even need it. I believe we are lucky to have her knowledge and expertise and am grateful to Rankin McKenzie for pairing us together.

Krysti Zeiger, Owner

Branz Technologies Inc


I first worked with John for nearly 15 years at my previous company, SCYNEXIS. In fact, John was the first full time finance employee, grew to become the Director of Finance, and helped take the company public in 2014 on the NASDAQ.  Needless to say, it was a great experience for us all, and John was on the team that made it happen.

When I started a new company, Ribogenics, of course it made perfect sense for me to go back to John for Finance. He came the first day, and we were in business!

John is not only a great numbers guy; he also understands the Biotech ecosystem: investors both public and private, shareholders, partners, principal investigators, administrative support and scientists. He communicates easily with Board members and very quickly gained their trust.  John also communicates well with scientists that may not have all the financial and operational knowledge required to build and grow a Biotech company. He is also very responsive in the demands of the stakeholders and good at prioritizing his job.

In a matter of 6 months, we put in place a complete team with the facility and raised $7M as seed money.  I left the company at the end of 2021, but John stayed on to ensure that the evolution of Ribogenics was well managed.

Overall, when I have my next biotech project, I’m calling John!

Yves Ribeill, Former CEO


Former CEO

I have worked with John in different companies over the last 20 years and would eagerly do so again. I have worked with other Chief Financial Officers, but John is the cream of the crop when it comes to being a true partner to the functions of human resources and employee engagement. He understands the power of leveraging employee engagement to advance the business and improve the bottom line. For more than two decades, John has been my trusted partner with whom I could analyze issues, deliberate options and then create solutions while maintaining our commitments to stakeholders, including our employees.

In addition to being an exceptional partner, John has been a outstanding mentor to me. John not only provides the answer but will also provide the explanation that has allowed me to grow in my understanding of financial and accounting principles. While this has been personally rewarding, it has also allowed me to bring better ideas forward to benefit the company. John makes the people around him better.

amanda mancuso

Amanda Mancuso, Chief of Staff


Chief of Staff

I will want to hire Steve as my CFO in every company I ever lead! I value his deep financial and business expertise which includes working with startups like ours. I leaned on him for his experience in complex funding and legal transactions. He was an integral part of our recent successful transaction with Truist. His focus on the details, process discipline and getting things done right were so needed in our company when we started.

These last 2.5 years have been a roller coaster of exciting highs and scary lows. Steve was always the voice of calm and reason. His team and his peers like and respect him. He guided us through those troubling times with an unwavering commitment and work ethic. We could not have done it without him!

Susan Cook, CEO



We hired Kim right before we switched from QuickBooks online to NetSuite. With her guidance, we were able to make the right decisions and setup NetSuite in the most efficient way. In addition, she implemented a closing process for our accounting team, which enables us to get financials ready in a timely manner. We love her honest feedback and suggestions to make our accounting team more efficient. She understands our business!


iris bowman

Iris Bowman, Vice President of Operations

Vice President of Operations

Our CPA firm identified that our company required more sophisticated financial oversight and strategic planning in order to continue to grow; services which they could not provide.  We began collaborating with John Autrey as our part time / virtual CFO in 2016 and later added Betty Larose to review our financial processes and current business strategies.  John and Betty were able to fine tune what we had while not disrupting the core processes and tools in place.  We count heavily on the planning and advice we receive from Betty and John, and they are integral to our continued success.

We believe that adding the Rankin McKenzie team was one of the best strategic moves that we have made.  On a more personal note, the entire team feels that Betty and John are a great addition to our work family.

Susan Jabbusch, Executive Vice President

Carolina Advanced Digital, Inc.

Executive Vice President

We had the pleasure of working with Bethany Hong from Rankin McKenzie, and she was an exceptional asset to our team. Bethany quickly mastered our software, conducted thorough financial analyses, and significantly improved our overall performance. Her professionalism, friendliness, and seamless integration into our team were outstanding. Although her contract was short-term, Bethany made a lasting positive impact. We highly recommend Bethany and the excellent services provided by Rankin McKenzie.

Marlene Heymer, Director

JDavis and Procurement Management, LLC


What drew us to Rankin and McKenzie was the ability to onboard talent like Phil Sandy in a fractional model. As a small business owner, it is always challenging to time and deploy capital effectively for new hires, particularly those in overhead positions. The fractional model allowed us to interview and select a CFO well-versed in our industry, challenges, and financial model and ultimately swing way above our weight class.

When we chose Phil, we knew he would step in and drive improvements and process changes in our back office and finance department. What we didn’t expect was his ability to drive transformational changes across the entire business, even when outside the natural purview of a CFO. His impact has been immense and we know there is still untapped potential in the relationship that we intend to explore in the coming years.

Jason R. Ziegler, President/CEO

MacGregor Partners, LLC


Our experience has been amazing with Anna.  As a small, but growing, tech startup, using a fractional resource from Rankin McKenzie was a perfect fit for our size company.  After hearing Anna’s heart and past experience, I didn’t hesitate to hire her.  She truly listens, advises, and delivers on-time, quality work.  As a female leader, I personally appreciate working with another female advisor that treats me as equal and does not talk down to me.  Anna was able to help us “grow up” with our financial reporting, including switching over to GAAP reporting and assisting with the budgeting and planning processes.  With Anna’s help, our company is positioned for continued and sustained growth.

Melissa Phillippi, CEO & Co-Founder


CEO & Co-Founder

How It Works

3 Steps to Financial Clarity


Get matched with a trusted CFO to address your challenges and identify opportunities.


Schedule a consultation with a Managing Partner, identifying your needs and goals.


Get matched with a trusted CFO to address your challenges and identify opportunities.


Gain clarity and confidence in your company’s finances, unlocking growth potential.

Take the first step. Schedule a consultation with Managing Partner, Beth Mullaney.

About Rankin McKenzie

Rankin McKenzie is a trusted partner to private companies, providing quality, cost-effective CFOs across every industry.

Available on-site in the Triangle region of North Carolina or remotely otherwise, our Partners’ flexible commitment durations and part-time/interim availability gives you the right-sized access to financial leadership.

Whether you’re navigating an exit, an acquisition, a downturn, or the loss of a CFO, we’ve helped companies just like yours identify their challenges and execute solutions that bring real results and value.

If your private company could benefit from the high-level leadership of a CFO, set up a consultation with Beth Mullaney, Managing Partner, and meet the right Partner.


Private companies’ unique needs require the specialized expertise of CFOs whose experience can turn any financial challenge or opportunity into an optimal outcome.

Rankin McKenzie’s experienced CFOs give private companies cost-effective access to top financial experts, helping them navigate exits, acquisitions, downturns, restructuring, or CFO churn with ease and confidence.

Having served over 600 clients, we know what it takes to bring stability and profitability to private companies, no matter their industry or current financial health.

Rankin McKenzie sets itself apart by operating as a cohesive team of full-time Partners rather than a loose network of independent consultants.

We prioritize matching CFOs to clients based on executive team dynamics, personalities, and company culture, not solely financial needs and experience. 

Lastly, the tenure of our Partners and the average length of our client engagements is unparalleled in the industry, reflecting our commitment to building lasting, effective partnerships.

Matching you with the right Rankin McKenzie partner begins by discussing your specific needs and goals, plus building an understanding of the personalities on your team.

Once we have an understanding of your requirements, we’ll introduce you to one of our trusted Partners whose experience and expertise are the ideal fit for your company, giving you access to a CFO on your terms.

Rankin McKenzie takes a measured approach to selecting and vetting partners. We discover many new Partners via referrals from existing Partners or actively recruiting top CFOs, each with a minimum of 15 years of experience.

We look for a career history of success, necessary certifications and education, plus conduct personality analyses to ensure they’re a pleasure to work with and have the necessary leadership skills.

Finally, each candidate is interviewed by our Managing Partners with only the top candidates joining us as Partners.

A cost-effective alternative to a full-time hire, as you receive a seasoned CFO for only the time you need.

Once we identify your needs, we’ll pair you with a Partner whose rate best matches your budget—and the skills that match your requirements.

To get pricing tailored to your needs, plus answers to your questions, schedule a consultation now.

Rankin McKenzie serves diverse clients across many industries. Traditionally, we’ve served clients in:

  1. Service Businesses
  2. Medical and Biotech
  3. Technology & SaaS
  4. AgTech
  5. Pharma & CRO
  6. Not for Profit
  7. Construction & Real Estate

However, thanks to the skills and experience of our 30+ Partners, we help private companies in any industry or vertical.

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