Expertise In Financial Services

Strong financial leadership is pivotal in ensuring and guiding the future profitability of your business. Far from merely administrative duties, the key roles of CFO and Controller are the key to fully leveraging your company’s financial capital.

With Rankin McKenzie you are assured high-calibre personnel with the right qualifications and many years of experience that you can trust to deliver results. We typically work with clients for 3+ years — our no-nonsense contract is easy-in, easy-out.

Part-Time / Interim CFO

Rankin McKenzie provides experienced CFOs to be the trusted right hand of your CEO in providing strategic financial guidance to your management team. Interim or part-time, our seasoned CFOs deliver the expertise to achieve the growth and future success you are looking for.

Part-Time / Interim Controller

Accounting is a strategic asset not just an administrative duty. Our part-time/interim Controllers manage everyday accounting but also have qualifications and experience you can rely on for quality financial information to make informed decisions.

Finding CFOs and Controllers has never been so easy.
Schedule a brief call and we’ll match you with the best financial partner for your business.

How Your Part-Time Or Interim CFO Or Controller Can Help your Business

Short-term projects or long-term engagements, the typical duties of a CFO include, but are not limited to: