Case Studies: ACME Technology

Industry: Technology
Company Stage: Growth & Establishment
Services Provided: Part-time CFO
RM Partner:
Length of Engagement: Ongoing
“ACME Technology” provides simulation, configuration, and testing tools for the global payments industry.

The Challenge

ACME Technologies is a 25-year-old technology firm focused on sustaining organic growth in a highly competitive, highly capitalized industry. Within a 10-year period, the company grew twice its size, and needed on-going support to manage its scale properly. Along the way, the Company’s office manager and bookkeeper were in need of specific guidance and qualified support to meet rising demands.
  • 3 Weeks

    to Initial Deadline

  • In Arrears

    by 3 Months

  • New MGT

    and New Personalities

The Solution

Rankin McKenzie responded to ACME Technologies’ growth with a long-term strategy of partnership. Partner Denise Huska was matched to provide guidance on a number of key accounting projects, ultimately led to a weekly engagement which lasted the better part of a decade.

The Partnership

The increased complexity of a growing company is not constrained to accounting and reporting requirements, rather, some of the most important areas in need of financial transformation include project management, product pricing, global collections, IT security and human resources. Ms. Huska thus quickly established financial controls to provide leadership with specific reports on an as needed basis. With strong processes in place, Ms. Huska then shifted focus to helping various departments navigate complex operational and sales issues from a broader financial perspective. For example, as a boutique firm offering custom solutions, margins are under exceptional pressure from both operational efficiency as well as top-line pricing, with price changes having an exponential impact on project profitability. Through the engagement, Ms. Huska developed models and discussed pricing strategies with sales and marketing leadership, while also coaching management through a re-examination of the processes that oversee project costs.