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Top 10 Misunderstood Financial Terms for SME Leaders

Introduction: For leaders of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), financial literacy is a cornerstone of effective decision-making. However, some financial terms are often misunderstood, leading to potential missteps in business strategy and financial planning. This article aims to clarify not just the definitions, but also common misconceptions surrounding these terms.

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The Focus of CFOs at Privately-Held Companies

Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) play a pivotal role in the financial and operational health of businesses, irrespective of their public or private status. While fundamental responsibilities around financial reporting, analysis, and forecasting remain consistent, the approach and emphasis significantly differ when comparing privately-held companies to publicly traded ones. This article

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Fractional Executives for SMEs

Fractional Executives are for Businesses Experiencing Growth and Transition – Regardless of Size

The traditional view of fractional executives, including Chief Financial Officers (CFOs), often confines them to the realm of startups or small enterprises operating on tight budgets. However, this perspective is evolving rapidly. In today’s dynamic corporate landscape, businesses undergoing periods of substantial growth or significant transition—regardless of their size—stand to

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CFOs vs. Controllers: Understanding these Distinct Roles

Navigating the Financial Leadership: CFO & Controller At Rankin McKenzie, we know that the success of your business hinges on effective financial management. Understanding the roles within your financial team is crucial, particularly the distinct functions of Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) and controllers. Below, we delineate these roles to help

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Why you might need a part-time CFO

5 Reasons You Might Need a Part-Time CFO

You’re the owner of a small to medium-sized business and are pulled in a million directions. Did you know that a part-time CFO can help with this? Many people don’t realize that an on-site part-time CFO can provide a financial perspective on your business operations. They can also own and

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