Testimonials for:

Andrew Graham

I’ve had the fortune of working with Andrew at three different life science companies, all at different stages of growth, including during multiple complex equity and debt financings.  Andrew brings an ability to assess where an organization is currently situated, both financially and operationally, and the perspective of where the organization needs to improve in order to scale for growth.  He has demonstrated a solid ability to build strong teams while also being willing to roll-up his sleeves to get the work out.  I have greatly appreciated his knack for addressing potential challenges early and with well-researched solutions.  He has also demonstrated a high-level of stress tolerance and imparts a sense of calm to those around him.

John Stewart
Managing Partner


We turned to Rankin McKenzie as we needed some financial help, primarily with setting up budget templates.  Having Andrew Graham join MyCovia as our part-time CFO was an easy decision.  We appreciated how professional Andrew is as he’s very responsive and stays on track with tasks.  As a result, the work he’s done will allow our business leaders and finance team to better monitor trends and budget to actuals going forward.  Overall, Andrew is great to work with and super easy going.
Caroline Carr
Senior Vice President


When I joined AgBiome Innovations as the commercial director in 2013, Andrew was already on board as the CFO.  He proved to be a valuable asset in numerous ways during the next 6 years that I worked with him. He has excellent communication skills; always used clear concise messaging to my group regarding budgeting and financial requirements and results. Andrew is very knowledgeable of the financial reporting requirements for startups, and his interest in our business was very useful.  Andrew also assisted my team on a product and company acquisitions effort, as well as a multiple equity funding rounds.  My team was very comfortable in working with Andrew and had a tremendous amount of respect for him. Finally, Andrew makes people feel very comfortable in work situations which in turn makes them want to help him in any way possible.

John Rabby
Former President