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Angela Taylor

Due to an unexpected medical situation, our CFO was going to miss 2 to 6 weeks of work – with little ability to communicate with us at all.  We contacted Rankin McKenzie and within a couple of days met with Angie, and she felt like a perfect fit.  She spent a few days with our CFO and quickly got up to speed.  It was a great comfort having her take over the day to day finances for a couple of months until our CFO was able to return to work full-time.

Bruce Battle


I hired Angie in the midst of a significant growth period and was in need of a self starter, and that’s what we got with Angie. I had no reservations regarding hiring her and was impressed by her enthusiasm for her work.  She was an excellent business partner, and I had the utmost trust in her as her leader as she was privy to all customer communication.  Overall, I most remember her attention to detail and financial acumen.  I was so disappointed when our contract with Angie ended as ultimately it required me to staff two distinct roles to replace Angie’s work.

Meg Christman