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Debbie came to us when we needed an outside look at a company’s finances during a turnaround effort, and with cash at a premium, we needed someone to be efficient. My firm lacked visibility into how the company might be struggling, and she brought good clarity to the situation, providing answers quickly. She helped my client’s company find its footing.  With her efficiency and a better understanding of the company’s financial health, she’s since been able to further help with budgeting.  My clients entrusted me to bring in the right professional to assist their finance team, and Debbie was the right fit.  She doesn’t make assumptions and asks great questions as she understands each company is unique. Debbie is not aggressive, threatening, or heavy handed at all; she lets the data speak for itself.  She’s very responsive and approachable.  All these characteristics make her a truly valuable team member.

Eric Larson, CEO and Lead Organizational Detective

The ORG Detectives

Having more than two and a half decades of corporate accounting expertise, Debbie McGrath excels in forging strategic alliances between business and accounting departments in various domestic and international settings. Ms. McGrath is a dynamic and cooperative individual with a profound understanding of finance, accounting, reporting, as well as human resources and business operations.

Ms. McGrath has a solid reputation for understanding the big picture and directing financial business matters from the highest levels to the ground-floor departments and human resource channels that mobilize solutions. Along with providing rigorous oversight of accounting practices and procedures, she has experience delivering strategic insights to support financial planning, analysis, and reporting functions across a variety of industries, such as software development, technology, publishing, marketing agency, chemical manufacturing, and education.

Additionally, Ms. McGrath possesses robust leadership and organizational abilities. She has overseen the management of business connections involving auditors, banks, insurers, suppliers, clients, legal professionals, and benefit providers. Furthermore, she has developed business procedures and strategies, effectively carried out initial and multi-year audits, addressed cost control and cash flow challenges, all while establishing a high level of confidence in the financial standing of the company among top-level executives.

Currently Ms. McGrath serves as the part-time CFO for:

Prior to re-joining Rankin McKenzie, Ms. McGrath spent several years at Kurtosys Systems where she was promoted to oversee strategic accounting, financial planning and analysis, financial review, business operations and audits for companies in the US, UK, South Africa, and Luxembourg generating annual revenue of $18 million.

Ms. McGrath attended The Ohio State University where she earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting.

Career Timeline

  • Re-joined Rankin McKenzie as Partner in 2023
  • 2018 to 2023: Controller, Global Head of Finance, and CFO at Kurtosys Systems
  • 2017 to 2018: Partner at Rankin McKenzie
  • 2013 to 2017: Self-employed as Controller for a total of eight small companies, where she provided full-service accounting functions to these small businesses on a part-time basis, including day to day operations of accounts payable and accounts receivable, human resources, payroll, month end close, budgeting, forecasting, cash management, corporate set up and financial and state audit liaison.
  • 2007 to 2013: At Lulu Press she was responsible for the financial responsibility of all companies both domestic and international by being the lead in the monthly and daily financial activities for all accounting functions.
  • 1997 to 2007: At FormScape, Ms. McGrath was responsible for all accounting, administrative and human resource functions for a software company as an integral member of the senior management team.
  • 1995 to 1997: Accountant at Reichhold Chemicals

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